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Cherie K

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Cherie K

On May 23, 1986 Rod and Audrey brought Cherie into this world.  Cherie also has an older sister Becky, a younger brother Nathan, a dog named Cookie, and a hamster named Sparky

    Activities Cherie participates in are FFA and international club.  While in high school, Cherie is working at Lyon Manor as a Certified Nurses Aid, dietary cook, and dietary aid.  This year Cherie is taking basic geometry, psychology, tech concepts, government, ag business, novel II, and textiles.
    Cherie’s favorites include any music with guitar, color pink, book The Runaway Jury, food cheese ravioli from the Olive Garden, subjects in school ag business and textiles, and her dream car is a 2004, 2 door, black Grand Am Gt. 
    If Cherie could go on a trip anywhere and could take two friends it would be a road trip around the country with Stacey and Kayla and they would go to their church conventions and stay with friends.  One thing Cherie would want to change about the school is to have a 45-minute lunch break and 24-minute classes.  If Cherie could be any kind of food she would want to be garlic bread because it smells so good!
    Cherie’s future plans are to attend college, maybe in Wisconsin and receive an Associate degree in nursing.  In ten years Cherie sees herself hopefully married, living in a cute house maybe with a child (or 2!) and a good job in a hospital as an RN. 
    Words of wisdom from Cherie are eagles may fly but at least weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines! Also, before you can be old and wise, you first must be young and dumb.  The person Cherie admires the most is Shan Stamps because she is really special to her but she just can’t put it into words why.
    The journalism class hopes you have a great school year and good luck in everything you do.