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Central Lyon CSD

Middle School


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Flexible seating in room 114

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After doing much research in the education world, I have come to a conclusion that the newest "trend" in education is flexible seating.  I experimented with flexible seating last year, and decided to go a step further this year.  I made this decision after sitting in many teacher meetings and not being comfortable.  Since I wasn't comfortable, I wasn't getting much out of the meetings.  I realized, if I am not learning at almost 40, then my students may not be learning either.  I read several blogs, and looked at many posts on Facebook or Pinterest and came up with some simple changes to my classroom.  First, I kindly asked the custodial staff to lower 3 tables all the way down.  At these tables I have placed 4 sturdy step stools and 4 bucket seats (4 gallon buckets with padded lids).  Students can swap out the stools for pillows if they so choose.  Secondly, I bought bed risers and created two tables that are standing desks.  I am very jealous of these!  I wish my desk was standing.  Next, I already had 4 bar stools around my room, so I cleared some counter space and the students will have a choice to sit and work on the stools or lean against the counter.  During independent work/reading time, I have several pillows and comfy chairs spread out around the room that the students can work at.  Also, for the students who need structure, or who just like regular chairs/tables, I still have 5 "normal" tables with regular chairs.  I am super excited to see the students' faces when they see that they have choices this year!  If you're in the building and my door is open, feel free to take a look!