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Holocaust Movie Project

    Last fall the Central Lyon 8th graders were asked to sort cans, a lot of cans, over 6000 cans. Denny’s Sanitation and the Betterment Council gave the students the money if they would sort the cans. The money was used to fund a speaker Erin Gruwell, founder of the Freedom Writers. On February 1, she Skyped with the 8th graders. Erin answered questions and inspired the students to be all they can be. She shared with them that everyone is special and capable of succeeding.

 The movie The Freedom Writers was used to introduce a Holocaust unit.

             Before starting the Holocaust unit, the class discussed how the 1992 riots in Los Angeles were similar to how the people in Germany were singled out and discriminated against for their race. Many people died. Actually, one-hundred twenty-six kids died in one year due to the LA riots. 

            The main project in the Holocaust unit was the videos that each student completed. Each student chose a topic which related to the Holocaust. Examples include:  Children of the Holocaust, Heroes of the Holocaust, Miep, Anne Frank, The Star of David or the medical experiments in the concentration camps. The movies are listed in the order they were presented. 

            Listed below are the links to the videos directed, produced and published by Central Lyon 8th grade students. Each movie was published, viewed, evaluated and scored by fellow classmates. The top video received a Central Lyon version of "The Academy Award".

The Academy Award winner for best video was Jacob P. for his video entitled Jews in Israel Today

2nd Place: Six Day War in Israel (1967)  by Luke R.

3rd Place:  Nazi Propaganda Holocaust by Kalen M.

Honorable Mention: The Star of David by Lauren

Honorable Mention: Gino Bartali  by Hayden H.

Honorable Mention: Boxcar Horrors  by Emma P.

Honorable Mention: Dachau Concentration Camp by Isabelle S.

Please take the time to watch the movies that the 8th graders created. 

1.   2017 The Star of David by Lauren   Honorable Mention  

2.   2017 The Jewish Religion by Beau

3.   2017 Book Burning by Gabe K

4.   2017 Aryan Race by Grace

5.   2017 Nazi Propaganda Holocaust by Kalen 3rd Place

6.   2017 Hate Groups by McKenzie

7.   2017 Voyage of the SS St. Louis by Mitch

8.   2017 Gestapo Holocaust by Donovan

9.   2017 Ghettos Holocaust by Paige D

10. 2017 Olympics of 1936 by Grant & Carter

11. 2017 The Life of Jesse Owens by Carter

12. 2017 Gino Bartali by Hayden H Honorable Mention

13. 2017 Life of a Jewish and German Child Holocaust by Jaxson K

14. 2017 Boxcar Horrors Holocaust by Emma PHonorable Mention

​15. 2017 Hidden Children of the Holocaust by Korinna

​​16. 2017 Kindertransports Holocaust by Dauson

17. 2017 Auschwitz Concentration Camp by Tatum

18. 2017 Corrie Ten Boom by Owen

19. 2017 Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp by Melissa

20. 2017 Children of the Holocaust Life in the Camp by Kaitlyn

21. 2017 Types of Torture in the Nazi Camps by Damean

22. 2017 Dachau Concentration Camp by Isabelle Honorable Mention

23. 2017 The Einsatzgruppen by Tyler

24. 2017 Camp Sobibor by Whitney

​25. 2017 The Devil's Arithmetic Holocaust by Kiersten

26. 2017 Children in the Concentration Camps by Emma W.

27. 2017 Arrival to Death by AJ

28. 2017 Death Marches by Paige B.

29. 2017 The Doctors of the Holocaust by Ella.

30. 2017 Elie Wiesel by Carter S.

31.  2017 Following the Life of a Child Holocaust by Hannah

32. 2017 The Holocaust and Adolf Eichmann by Trey​

33. 2017 Gas Chambers Holocaust by Dalton

34. 2017 Gas Chambers by Austin

​35. 2017 Goering Holocaust by Carter R

36. 2017 Oskar Schindler Holocaust by Kris

37. 2017 President Roosevelt by Josh

38. 2017 Assassination Attempts on Hitler by Bradlee

39. 2017 Rescue and Resistance Holocaust by Karsyn

40. 2017 Acts of Courage by Morgan

41. 2017 Miep Gies by Amara

42. 2017 Anne Frank & the Holocaust by Christian

43. 2017 Families of the Nazis by Breeanna

44. 2017 Holocaust Survivor Stories by Keanna

45. 2017 Children of the Holocaust by Jayma

46. 2017 D Day Holocaust by Brendon

47. 2017 Adolf Hitler's Early life rise to power Holocaust by Nate

48. 2017 Hitler's Reign-Death Holocaust by Will

49 2017 Liberators, Rescuers, Resistors Holocaust by Mason

50. 2017 How Could the Holocaust have Happened? by Kaylee

51. 2017 German Grandchildren Holocaust by Kiaha

52. 2017 Jews in Israel Today by Jacob 1st Place

53. 2017 Six Day War in Israel (1967) by Luke R. 2nd Place

54. 2017 Cambodia Genocide Rylie

55. 2017 Darfur Genocide by Jorden​​