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Center of Gravity

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The 2nd grade students completed a STEAM Activity related to balance, or the scientific term known as the Center of Gravity.  Every person and most objects have center of gravity or a balance point.  So, what will happen to a person or an object when the center of gravity is thrown off?

The students were given two different challenges to complete.  One group was challenged to balance 6 ten penny nails on a single nail.  To complete this, each group needed to interlock the 6 nails they were given, lift those nails up to the single supporting nail, and find the Center of Gravity (Balance Point) to complete the challenge.  The communication and teamwork was awesome to witness.  Many students were stumped for quite a while, but with a couple of small hints all the teams successfully completed the challenge.

The second of the two challenges were balancing blocks.  As the students worked on this challenge to see how high a tower they could build, they discovered a wider base lead to a taller tower.  As groups completed their towers, they started to combine them into a tower of 56 Jenga blocks tall!

The students enjoyed Mr. P's challenges and worked very well as a team to complete each task.  We always love STEAM days with Mr. P!  Be sure to check out the pictures!