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Central Lyon CSD

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Assessments and Screenings

1. Height and Weight: Students in grades TK-8 may be measured for height and weight in the spring. 
2. Lice checks are done upon request. I rarely do an entire class. Parents are notified if lice or nits are seen.
3. Blood pressure: I will monitor a student’s blood pressure upon parent request or if there have been some concerns.
4. Scoliosis screening is done after Christmas on 6th grade girls and all 8th graders. I will re-screen those I have concerns about. Parents will be notified if I still have concerns after the second look. Parents may notify the school if they do not want their child screened.
5. Vision screenings are usually done in the fall on grades 1,3,5,7, and students who failed the previous year. I can also do screenings any time during the year per parent or teacher request. Parents are notified if there are concerns.
6. ADHD medication effectiveness-I will have teachers fill out forms if I know a student is on medication for ADHD. This is usually done quarterly, with known medication change, a change in behavior, or if there is concern of ADHD. Parents will receive a copy of these forms. A copy will also be sent to physician if I have parental consent.
7. I tend to keep track of illness with the help of secretaries who will probably ask what your child’s symptoms are when you call them in ill. Numbers of absences and symptoms are shared with Health Services of Lyon County and Iowa Dept. of Health on a weekly basis.
8. Illness and injuries-You will be called if your child needs to go home due to illness such as fever or vomiting. You will also be notified if your child has an injury that may require more advanced medical attention, such as stitches, x-rays, etc.
9. Dental: Screening will be done on student in grades K-9 by school nurse or dental hygienist if required forms do not get returned by parents.