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Bloom's Taxonomy, Higher-Order Thinking, and Siddhartha in the English II Class

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A major project the English II students completed this quarter was an activity called a Bloom's Ball. The English II class read the novel Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, which is a short, yet endearing coming-of-age story about a boy named Siddhartha traveling on a spiritual journey in search of enlightenment. Along his journey, he faces difficulties with understanding his relationship to nature and the materialistic world around him. Readers follow Siddhartha through his life while he searches for truth and peace. Students often reflect on their own journey through life toward their academic, personal, and/or spiritual goals. The Bloom's Ball activity requires students to think about the novel, our class discussions, and connections to their own lives in order to complete 12 separate tasks. The tasks are based on Bloom's Taxonomy, a system designed to identify the different levels of human cognition. The lowest levels of Bloom's Taxonomy require students to restate surface level information like specific details from the story or research about the author. Then, each new tasks requires the students to go higher up the levels to complete harder and more complex questions about the novel such as evaluating, analyzing, and even creating their own poems related to the themes, ideas, and details of the story. This was a major project that the English II students worked very hard on, and they incorporated many artistic and creative components that sent these projects over the top! Please enjoy the photos of some of the student work, which are now proudly displayed in my classroom!