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Central Lyon CSD

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"A Dark and Stormy Night"


 Story image 1_0
4bb21ac535c44Ashley V., Brian B., Abby T., and Hanna R.
Abby T. Painting 'Ye Olde Wayside Inn'
Jason L. and Abby T.
Ashley V.
Zach H.
Tyler F. Stage crew memeber
Mark U. and Bekki K.
Jason L.
Jenny L. and Jaime D.B.
Jaime D.B.
Adam L. and Hanna R.
Whole Cast
Mark U., Mindy F., Ashley V., Jaime D.B., and Jenny L.
Brandon W. and Jenny H.
Bekki K.
Ashley V.
Jenny H.
Jason L.
Jaime D.B., Jenny H., and Jenny L.
Zach H., Mark U., Effie the skeleton, Adam L., and Brian B.
Ashley V., Brian B., Abby T., and Hanna R.

Ye Olde Wayside Inn hasn't had visitors until now. When the wind howls and the lights flicker, the chilling time begins.


Hepzibah.....Jenny L.

Arabella.....Jaime D.B.

Olive....Ashley V.W.

Ebenezer....Mark U.

Jane Adams....Bekki K.

Mary Shaw...Jennifer H.

Snell...Brandon W.

Ed Perkins....Adam L.

Dorothy Blake.....Abby T.

Belle Malibu....Hanna R.

Frank Dawson....Brian B.

Uncle Silas...Jason L.

Smiling Sam....Zach H.





Mindy F.

Tyler F.