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Grisaille ATC Drawing Lesson

Project = artist trading card

Technique = grisaille

Style = point perspective

Media = graphite and colored pencil

Materials = drawing pencils, colored pencils, ruler, drawing paper,

spray fixative, eraser, tape, color wheel, pencil sharpener


Review vocabulary – 5 mins

Powerpoint Introduction to 3 drawing techniques – 5 mins

Demonstration of point perspective – 5 mins

Student practice of point perspective – 5 mins

Point perspective project done with grisaille technique – 40 mins



transparent – clear enough to see through

opaque – unable to be seen through

water-soluble – able to be dissolved in water

contrast – to show differences by comparing

value – how light or dark a color is

intensity – how bright or dull a color is

complement – colors opposite each other on the color wheel

linear perspective – a mathematical solution to showing the illusion of

dimension on a flat surface

vanishing point – a point at which all horizontal or vertical lines



Something to think about

Why would an artist do a value study under-drawing before adding color to an artwork 80 years ago?


For what subjects or themes would you like to use the techniques of grisaille or point perspective?


What other treatments could you apply to the value study layer before adding the colored pencil layer?


How can you brighten a color?

How can you dull a color?

How can you lighten a color?

How can you darken a color?


Grisaille ATC Drawing PPT


West Lyon ATC Examples