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Central Lyon CSD



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Best of Class

Class of 2014

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5249c76000421Worst Driver: Mickee and Carter
Most likely to Succeed: Josh and Anna
Best Hair: Kayla and Dalton
Most Gullible: Drew and Kayla
Most Talkative: Brady and Kate
Class Comedian: Brady and Shannon
Worst Car: Tyrel and Kate
Best Legs: Shelby and Marcus
Best Personality: Nedd and Kayla
Most Creative: Dalton and Ashley
Best Dancer: Mickee and Ned
Best Smile: Kayla and Carter
Most Likely to Travel the World: Josh and Mickee
Most School Spirit: Brady and Shannon
Most Athletic: Drew and Claire
Most Likely to become Famous: Dalton and Mickee
Best Sportsmanship: Carter and Claire
Class Flirt: Bridgett and Nedd
Best Laugh: Colby and Kayla
Teacher's Pet: Ashley and Andrew
Most Diseased with Senioritis: Brady and Kate
Worst Driver: Mickee and Carter


Category Boy Girl
Most Likely to Succeed Josh Schriever Anna VanVeldhuizen
Best Personality Nedd Knobloch Kayla Boer
Class Flirt Nedd Knobloch Bridgett Sinnett
Most Athletic Drew Roskam Claire Snyder
Most Musical Dalton Skidmore Mickee Witt
Best Sportsmanship Carter Roskam Claire Snyder
Class Comedian Brady Spykerboer Shannon McCarty
Hardest Worker Nedd Knobloch Jessica Harberts
Best Smile Carter Roskam Kayla Boer
Most Likely to Marry Rich Marcus Haselhoff Wynter Roths
Best-Dressed Drew Roskam Kayla Boer
Most Talkative Brady Spykerboer Kate Timmer
Class Leader Andrew Metzger Claire Snyder
Best Laugh Colby Van Hill Kayla Boer
Best Car Jackson Jansma Wynter Roths
Worst Car Tyrel Morales Kate Timmer
Best Legs Marcus Haselhoff Shelby Foster
Most Likely to Travel the World Josh Schriever Mickee Witt
Most Gullible Drew Roskam Kayla Boer
Best Hair Dalton Skidmore Kayla Boer
Most Creative Dalton Skidmore Ashley Vande Stouwe
Quietest Andrew NyBlom Anna VanVeldhuizen
Teacher's Pet Andrew Metzger Ashley Van Stouwe
Most School Spirit Brady Spykerboer Shannon McCarty
Most Diseased with Senioritis Brady Spykerboer Kate Timmer
Best Dancer Nedd Knobloch Mickee Witt
Most Changed Since Freshman Year Alex Harr Kate Timmer
Most Organized Andrew Metzger Sarah Warner
Most Likely to Become Famous Dalton Skidmore Mickee Witt
Worst Driver Carter Roskam Mickee Witt