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Open Campus Guidelines for Senior Students

Open campus begins for eligible seniors in December of each year.  There are a few simple guidelines that seniors are to follow:

  • If a senior has first (or first and second) hour study hall, when they arrive at school they must sign in to the office.
  • Seniors leaving for the day either 7th and 8th, or just 8th must sign out for the day in the office.  These students are not required to attend DEAR but all other seniors must.
  • Seniors may leave during the other hours of the day without signing out.  Seniors leaving for lunch are NOT to bring back food for others or underclassmen.
  • If a senior is tardy to class three times total for the quarter, they may lose open campus privileges.
  • Dropping below a 2.0 GPA will cause seniors to lose open campus.
  • Any D, F, or school suspensions is cause to lose open campus.
  • Qualifying for CLAS will result in study hall assignment in place of open campus.
  • Do not loiter in the halls during open campus.

Open campus is NOT open gym.  Remember, this is a PRIVILEGE, don’t mess it up!