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Central Lyon CSD

Middle School


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7th/8th Math Syllabus

7th/8th Grade Math Syllabus


                All students will be required to take notes.  They can be kept in a notebook or binder.  Note taking will be assessed at the end of each quarter.

Daily Work:

                Daily work will include sectional practice homework and sectional assessments.  This work will account for 40% of students’ grades.

Sectional homework is typically the first attempt at learning new skills and is completed outside of class.  This work will always be worth 3 points and assessed by the following rubric.

                                3 points – All problems are completed with the appropriate work shown.

                                2 points – Most but not all work is completed with the appropriate work shown.

                                1 point – Less than half of the work is completed with the appropriate work shown.

                                0 points – No work is completed or work is completed but lacks the necessary work to                                     

                                                demonstrate understanding.

                Sectional assessments will be completed in class.  Students may use their notes and any previous sectional homework for assistance.  Sectional assessments will cover two to three sections.  This work will be graded on accuracy.  These assessments may be taken again by students, if they are not happy with their performance.  However, students must go over the assessment with Mr. Groen prior to retaking the assessment.  Also, time will not be given during class to retake an assessment.


                Tests will make up the majority of the students’ grades.  Tests will be taken without notes.  Tests will make up 60% of each student’s grade.  Prior to taking a test, students will review the skills necessary to perform well on the test.

Class Rules:

                Students will follow all rules and expectations outlined in the student handbook.  Along with those rules, I expect all students to meet the following expectations in my classroom:

                                1) Be Prepared

                                2) Be Respectful

                                3) Work Hard

Grading Scale:

A+           100%                     B+           90-88%                 C+           81-79%                 D+          72-70%

A             99-94%                 B             87-85%                 C             78-76%                 D             69-67%

A-           93-91%                 B-            84-82%                 C-            75-73%                 D-           66-64%