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Ways to Read With Your Child

 Before you read...

  1.  Start with a book.

  2.  Look at and discuss the book cover.

  3.  Read and discuss the title of the book.

  4.  Do a quick picture walk.

  5.  Predict what the story might be about.  

  While you read...

  1.  Read the book TO your child.

  2.  Echo read the book WITH your child.

             Echo read = Parent and student read the words out loud together as the child sets the speed.  

  3.  Have the child read the book INDEPENDENTLY until the book is fluently read.  (This may take 2-3 readings.)

              If the student struggles for more than 3-5 seconds on a word, and has tried to figure it out, parent may give the child the word.


  After you read...

               Review the book by asking your child questions about the book. 

  1.  Who are the characters in the book?

  2.  Where did the story take place?

  3.  What was the problem in the story and how did the character solve the problem?

  4.  What happened in the book?  Beginning?  Middle?  End? 


Alone we can do little...

Together we can do much!

Helen Keller