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Monarchs at Lyon Manor

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This afternoon we met Emily Ostrander, the Lyon County Conservationist, at the Lyon Manor nursing home.  She started her presentation showing the students a penny, a compass, a picture of a car, and a warranty sign and asked them to try and guess the topic.  She said the penny represented how much it weighs, the compass tells us it's good at knowing which direction to go, the car reminds us that it travels really far, and the warranty is to show that it's guaranteed to migrate to its destination and return every year.  The children had several good guesses and were excited to see Emily reveal a real Monarch butterfly.  The students learned that it takes many generations within the same family of butterflies to make the round trip from Canada to Mexico each year....starting with the Mother all the way to the Great Great Great Granddaughter.   

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  Emily taught them how to identify a real Monarch and also determine if it was a boy or a girl.  The children were really surprised to learn that butterflies taste with their toes.  Emily told them it would be like the kids sticking their toes in their cereal in the morning and closing their eyes and saying, "It tastes like Corn Flakes."  :)  She also shared with the children that Kansas University encourages people to help track the butterflies by placing a sticker tag on them and reporting data on the computer.   
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 To close this neat presentation the children were encouraged to visit with the residents.  Emily then tagged a real Monarch, kissed it good luck, and released it outside.  We watched for a minute as it few around and also thought it was going to take a trip back to school with us on our bus!  Thanks for the sweet hospitality, Lyon Manor, for a great lesson, Emily, and to Brendin's Grandpa Sprock for driving us!