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Kids Say the Cutest Things

I thought it would be fun to share some of the cute sayings that have come right out of the mouths of babes here in my classroom.  Please know that I do this with only good intentions as some of the things they say are so innocent and sincere that you can't help but giggle.  We hope they make you smile, too.


This morning while I was changing the calendar to October the kids noticed that my birthday is in that month.  Cael asked "How old are you going to be?"  I said, "45" and he said, "You're older than my Dad."  I said, "I know and he's my boss."  Then he said, "So am I your boss?"  I laughed and said, "No." and he said, "Well, I can take his place."


I drew a lucky duck this afternoon to give away an extra Scholastic News poster and told the kids I used to love to play school when I was little.  I drew Brody's name and said, "Maybe you'll be a teacher someday."  The kids asked him if he even played school at home and he said, "My little sister makes me, so she might like this as a teacher." 


This afternoon I said to Layla, "I like your shirt.  I like the words that it says, "Follow Your Dreams". and she replied, "Ya, you gotta."


This morning was the first time my second graders have ever taken any Iowa Assessment tests and when I asked them what they thought after a couple of them, Jayda said, "It's fun and easy....I thought it was gonna be just about Iowa since it's called Iowa Assessments."


Jayda came up to tell me that she was on Chapter 7 of The Boxcar Children and I noticed that she has bookmarks in several chapter books that she's started, so I asked her how she's able to keep them all straight and remember what's happening in each book and she replied, "Well, my brain is full of stuff, but I can fit things in it."