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Elementary (PS-6)


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Sight Word Activities

In the fall I posted some pictures of students from my classroom doing different sight word activities.  Since then, I have had other people ask for some more ideas of different ways that we practice our sight words in my room.  

Sight word treasure hunt:  Hide words around the room or around your house.  Tell the student a specific word and have him or her look around the room or house until they find that word. 

Sight word memory:  Make flashcards of the sight words and have the students play memory with the cards.  Each time they flip a card over have them say the word, even if it is not a match. This will have them practice mulitple words at one time. 

Jump and grab the sight word:  Write sight words on coffee filters or paper plates.  Cut some string and hang the words from a doorway.  As they grab the word have the students say the word.

I spy sensory bag:  Fill a gallon ziplock bag with rice or beans.  Write sight words on small pieces of paper and insert into the rice.  Have the students move the rice around and find the words and say them.  

Find the sight words:  Have the students look in magazines and in newspapers and highlight the sight words.  Have a contest to see how many sight words they can find.

Sight word stacking:  Buy some cheap plastic cups and write sight words on the cups.  As they say the sight word, they can stack the cup.

Sight word builiding with legos:  write sight words on the Dulpo brand legos.  Have the students say the words and build a tower to see how high it can go.

Sight word parking lots:  Draw a parking lot on a piece of cardboard or poster board.  Then write the sight words in the parking spots. Have the students drive the car to the correct sight word.

Fish for sight words:  Write some sight words on note cards and put a magnet strip on the back.  Make a fishing pole by using a wooden stick and string and attach a magnet at the end.  As the student catches the fish, they have to say the sight word.  

Sight word Jenga:  Write words on Jenga pieces. When you take out a block, you have to say the word that you have on your block.

Sight word puzzles:  Write sight words on notecards or pieces of poster board then cut apart into puzzle pieces.


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